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Sons Of Anarchy Fully Embroidered Patch Reaper Hoodie




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This special edition Sons Of Anarchy hoodie features the iconic Reaper Crew Logo on the back of the infamous and now world famous Sons Of Anarchy biker crew of California - but in fully embroidered detail!

The hoodie is a custom made design from the ground up - with full screen accurate embroidered patches being added to this stunning example of the SOA MC crews own cuts.

This particular Sons Of Anarchy hoodie also has the embroidered side rocker on the left side panel as well as the other logos.

The Sons Of Anarchy patch on the back is the grim reaper wielding a bloody scythe blade and the anarchy "A". Only full members can wear the Sons Of Anarchy "patch."

Other smaller patches on the hoodie stand for different things, examples being "Men Of Mayhem," which is worn by club members who have spilled blood on the club's behalf.

The actual badges on the chest are the Redwood Original & Men Of Mayhem patches - but you can also choose to customise the other chest patches shown if you also want to further make the hoodie your own! These include: First 9, President, V. President.

All Hoodies will come with the Redwood Original chest patches - but please specify the badges you require for the other side of the chest by selecting from the drop down menu.

This is a fan inspired design - 100% unofficial

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