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Armadyne Sabre Cerebral Defence Elysium Movie T Shirt

Armadyne Elysium Movie SABRE Cerebral Defence T Shirt

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Yet another blazing application from Armadyne Corp, and one that kills anyone who tries to download your mind!

Who or What is Armadyne?

Armadyne is one of the few surviving global corporations at the end of 2091 on Earth and specialises in Robotics, Zero Gravity Coupling and Megastructure Construction.

Basically, these guys run the Earth and all of the best places to live off the Earth as well! Fronted by CEO John Carlyle - Armadyne is right up there with The Umbrella Corporation and Massive Dynamic.

This SABRE Cerebral Defence (or Defense if you are American)system, is a legendary mind weapon system that prevents unauthorised download of important private data by would be thieves.

Recognisable by the almost basic retro style graphic of a skull with crossed swords - the SABRE Cerebral Defence system is surely up there with the Magnavolt car protection system as seen in Robocop?!

An awesome t shirt for the movie connoisseur

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