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Who can forget the mighty movie Aliens directed by James Cameron back in the 80's?

It was truly - an all out - guns blazing - sequel to the creepy silent original, and it was clearly what all the fans wanted, as it still evokes quoted one liners to this day amongst friends and people "in the know" regarding this movie.

Our Aliens movie Hoodie is faithfully inspired by the Marine "Frost" and his particular choice of clothing when on the Sulaco prior to being dropped onto the surface of LV-426.

Featuring the simple - yet effectively brutal message "Peace Through Superior Firepower" displayed over an M41-A Pulse Rifle, this is a t shirt that means business like no other.

Now you too can roll roll with the big dogs, and wear this awesome Aliens Marines Hoodie!

Note: It's good, but it won't stop Xenomorphic Alien Blood from buring your skin though.....


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