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Ladies Labyrinth Movie Poster T Shirt

Labyrinth was a one of kind movie wasn't it?

I mean let's be honest, David Bowie as the Goblin King was an inspired choice of casting, because the guy not only looked pretty Gnarly in a wig, but the man could sing all of the songs like a Boss!

This freaky kids movie is resplendent in puppet creatures straight from the mind of Jim Henson, and is so rich in magic, mystery and monsters that it still captivates any childs mind who watches it today.

Hoggle, Sir Didymus the English Fox, Ludo, the Firey's (creepy things!) - these guys just went bananas when they wrote this movie, and it is little wonder why it holds such a place in so many (now adult) childs hearts.

The best way to describe this movie to anyone yet to see if? Think the muppets on crack....

Our Ladies Labyrinth movie poster t shirt is inspired by the classic movie poster artwork, and features most of the world seen in the movie. One for the retro or nostalgic movie fan for sure.

Just try not to think about the skin tight leggings Bowie wore too much..... that was really scary!



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